Helping Women Get Back on Course


You’re a strong woman.

But lately you haven’t felt like it. You've been trying to get back on course, back to a life that isn't constantly filled with stress and worry, but nothing seems to be working. It just keeps building and building. You find yourself saying and doing things you wouldn't normally do, which only makes you feel worse. It's impacting your relationships with the people you care about the most and even your performance at work. You used to feel strong and confident, but it feels like the old you was an entirely different person from who you are now. You find yourself caught in an endless loop of worries:

"Will I ever be able to feel calm again?"

"How does everyone else have it all figured out? Why don't I?"

"Why can't I just stop worrying and let it be?"

Every time the thoughts pop up, you're left feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and isolated. Despite the fear, deep down you know that you deserve a life where you feel strong, loved, and in control—that's why you're here.

If you don't make a change, things are only going to get worse. Your anxiety will continue to grow and take over every aspect of your life and you'll feel even more disconnected and hopeless.

You can continue living with fear and anxiety, or you can do something about it and start making strides towards living the vibrant life you've always wanted.

Therapy can help.

It can be really difficult to reach out for help—I do everything within my power to make the process as comfortable as possible.

You're incredibly brave for being here, and I'm excited to see where your next chapter might lead. Welcome to Changing Course Therapy.


or if you’re ready

Areas of Focus

Anxiety affects us in so many different ways. These are a few specialty areas I focus in.

Stress Management



With the pressure to "have it all," sometimes stress builds up and it can be difficult manage.  We will discuss your area of concern, process the root of the cause, and develop new coping strategies to help you move forward.


Relationships can be complicated at times. Whether you're currently in a relationship or you are searching for one, we will explore your past experiences, talk about what it is you hope to have in a partnership, and practice effective communication strategies.  

Parenthood, parenting


Being a parent can be an exciting time, but sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming.  We will talk about your thoughts and feelings, and develop a self-care plan so you can be more present for yourself and your baby. 


A balanced life starts here

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