What Does Therapy Look Like

During sessions, we start by learning how life looked before anxiety took over. Together we create goals about how you would ideally like to live your life without anxiety. Once we understand the thought patterns that are creating distress, we explore ways to modify them, as well as strategies to accept the things that are beyond our control. We then identify the connections between your thoughts and feelings, and how they are impacting your behaviors. I help empower you to take charge of your life again and thrive.

While I follow your lead I don't just smile and nod. I'm actively engaged every step of the way, often asking questions to elicit reflection. The truth is, therapists don't change a person; they help people explore different ways to approach their life. That change comes from you, your hard work, your readiness to put forth the effort and open-mindedness to try different strategies.

You're not alone—an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. are impacted by intense anxiety every year, and many of them find relief through therapy. It's time to start living your life again.