You waited for so long to be a mother, and now your own little bundle of joy has finally arrived! Or perhaps you've had children for some time, and they seem to be out of control all of the time. You knew that it was going to be difficult to be a parent, but nobody mentioned the overwhelming levels of anxiety! You find yourself overwhelmed by thoughts like:

"Everything I do for my child matters—what if I don't do enough?"

"Other moms I see seem to have it so together—what am I doing wrong?"

"What if my baby gets hurt? Maybe I should put some more bumpers on the coffee table ..."

"Why does my child keep getting into trouble at school? What can I do?"

It's normal to want the best for your child, and sometimes it helps to have a therapist to talk with while you navigate the constantly changing world of motherhood. It takes a village to raise a child, and such an important component of that village is support for the mother. In therapy with me, we will talk about your own childhood, concerns that you're having about parenting, and develop a self-care plan.

Sometimes we have to remember to take care of ourselves so we can be fully present for our children. Schedule your first appointment today and learn how I can be an supportive member in your parenting team.