Welcome to Changing Course Therapy

Welcome to the Changing Course Therapy (CCT) blog where we’ll explore various topics that concern Millennial women and their health. To start things off, this week I’m going to share why I decided to dedicate my services specifically to Millennial women.

Millennials are faced with outrageously high student loans ($24,700 on average in 2009), higher unemployment rates than their parents faced as a result of the Great Recession, and still they have to deal with the normal stress of beginning a career, navigating relationships, and starting a family. Despite all of this, Millennial women are doing incredible things. They are more:

  • educated: about half of all Millennial women have a bachelor’s degree

  • ambitious: in 2016, nearly 20% of Millennials were already in leaderships roles in the workplace

  • charitable: in 2014, 84% of Millennials donated money to charities, and 70% volunteered

As the owner of Changing Course Therapy, LLC I wanted to serve this empowered and extraordinary group of women. Life can become difficult, and I believe everyone needs some extra support at times, especially when they are busy changing the world.

So welcome to Changing Course Therapy—I'm thrilled you’re here! Check back regularly for new posts, and feel free to engage in the CCT community on Facebook or in our discussions below.