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Embarking on a 5-Day Mindful Technology Challenge—Being More Aware

Do you remember the days before cell phones? Growing up, my parents had guidelines: when I would go to a friend’s house or stay after school for sports or clubs, I had to check-in at certain times or call if I was changing locations by using a pay phone or landline. Using the internet was completely different too—using the internet tied up the phone line, and only one person could use it at a time.

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4 Ways Mindfulness Can Make Your Life Less Chaotic

For a while now, you haven’t felt quite like yourself. You’re eating more than usual, you can’t sleep, and there seems to be a permanent edge to the tone of your voice, even when talking to your loved ones. You’ve searched different ways to reduce stress, but article after article suggest the same things: eating well and exercising. Your schedule is already insane—how the heck are you supposed to fit that in? There simply are not enough hours in the day!

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Having YOUR All—Reframing the Dialogue

Time and time again, Millennial women are told not only can they “have it all,” but that they should “have it all.” The media paints a picture of what we should look like: perfectly curled hair, a fabulous career, a yoga body, an immaculate house, and time to make a nutritious dinner for the kids and partner every night.

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