4 Ways to Get Over the Dreaded FOMO

We’ve all been there—you made plans with a friend to go to the movies, only to receive another offer last minute from the Tinder guy you really hit it off with last week. He just found a pop-up Speakeasy that’s only open this evening. Of all the nights!

You don’t want to bail on your friend—she’s been having a really rough time lately and you want to be supportive. But the Speakeasy would be a night you’d never forget. You decide (not easily) to stick to your guns and choose sisters before misters.

As you roll up to the theater with your friend, you get a Snapchat from Tinder guy at the Speakeasy—it looks like a scene straight out of the Great Gatsby. You’re flooded with the dreaded FOMO …

Fear of Missing Out (better known as FOMO), is hardly a new phenomenon, but it was finally given a name and amusing acronym by marketing guru Dan Herman back in 2000. It has become increasingly prevalent among Millennials with the rise of social media.

There’s an upside to FOMO—it motivates us to live interesting and vibrant lives, doing things we might otherwise pass up on. But the fact of the matter is, we can’t be everywhere all the time—even when we really, really wish we could—and FOMO can seriously impact our emotional well-being at times.

So how do we get over, or at least reduce, the dreaded FOMO so that we can fully enjoy our lives?

1. Focus on what you’re doing right here and now. Are you stuck working while your girlfriends are on a trip to Cancun? Then spice up your day a bit by taking a colleague out to lunch who you’ve always wanted to get to know better and make a new connection. Are you trapped at home while your child takes a nap and your friends are out to brunch with bottomless mimosas? Hop on Pinterest and search for a cute art project you can do with your kiddo when she wakes up that afternoon, and smile when you realize you’re doing the whole Mom thing pretty well.

2. Avoid the social media for just a bit. If your friends are sending you Snaps every 5 minutes, don’t open them—it can wait a day until you’re ready to be happy for them (they deserve a nice break!) instead of filled with envy. If they’re posting on Facebook and Instagram, choose another way to stay engaged socially. Give your sister a call if you haven’t chatted with her for a while, or invite another friend to your favorite Trivia bar.

3. Get to that project you’ve been putting off for ages because you’ve been constantly saying ‘yes’ to every social engagement. Do a 10-Week-Organizing Challenge, go to Home Depot and finally paint your living room, or create a capsule wardrobe. Finishing a project can help reduce your stress and help you feel accomplished.

4. Begin planning a fun event of your own! Who doesn’t love a good themed party? Look up some creative DIY decorations, make a cute invitation, and think of ways to transform your apartment for an evening of glam. You can even make your own Speakeasy and invite Tinder guy ;)

Instead of wondering what could have been, take matters into your own hands. Do something extra to make what might normally be a dull activity into something a little more exciting. Acknowledge where your fears are coming from, because they’re legitimate. Then reframe those fears, create a plan, and make your life eventful and exciting, no matter the situation.

Have another suggestion for how to get rid of FOMO? Share them in the comments below!