Helping Women Get Back on Course


About the Owner

Shannon Keleher, MSW, LCSW

In a world where women are expected to "have it all," sometimes society's unrealistic demands and expectations lead to unfathomable levels of stress. You start to wonder how other women manage to do it all, and whether you're doing something wrong if you don't live up to those expectations. You even start to question whether you are enough.

When I was younger, anxiety ruled my life. I know on a very personal level how it affects everything from relationships with the people you love, to your self-confidence, and even to the goals you hope to achieve. After my undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I served as an AmeriCorps volunteer for two years. I worked with so many people who were suffering from anxiety like myself, and learned that I was not alone in my struggles. After working with the amazing people in that community, I knew that therapy was my calling in life, that it really always had been, and so I went to graduate school at Boston University and earned my Master's degree in Social Work.

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Since then, I have worked with women, children, and families in various settings. After a number of years, I realized I could make the greatest impact working with women in private practice, and so Changing Course Therapy, LLC was born.

Every day I go to work I am excited and inspired by the women that I partner with. I absolutely love collaborating with women who struggle with anxiety because they tend to be insightful, caring, and ambitious. They can move mountains once their anxiety is managed. I find myself growing as much as the women I serve, because they teach me so much about courage, resilience, and grit.

I know how difficult the road to change can be—I've been there myself. That's why I became a therapist: to empower others to rebuild their confidence and to live a full and meaningful life.

You're ready to move beyond a life consumed by anxiety, and you are prepared to make big changes. You deserve to feel strong and live a vibrant life.